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Do I need a reservation?

To assure your spot on a charter, we always recommend reservations. You can call (503) 322-0007 with a credit card number to make a reservation by phone, or feel free to stop in during regular office hours. We will hold your reservation with a credit card, but we will not run the card prior to your trip. We accept payment by CASH or local checks at the time of check-in on the day of your trip. *We can process credit/debit cards, but there will be a 3% fee to do so.

Do I have to book online?

Online booking* provides an easy, convenient, and secure way to place your reservation, but if you prefer to book by phone, we would be more than happy to help. Please call us at (503) 322-0007. *Online booking is not available for all fishing trips – if you don’t see it on the page, just give us a call and we can help!

Do I need a fishing license?

Yes, YOU MUST HAVE A VALID LICENSE (and tag if fishing for salmon or halibut) ON YOUR PERSON IN ORDER TO FISH. The easiest way to get a fishing license is to order online at ODFW before your trip. If you are unable to secure a license before the trip, daily fishing licenses (including tag) are available in the office for $19.  Daily Combination Fishing/Shellfish licenses are $27.50.*  Please show up 15-20 minutes prior to check in time if you will be purchasing a license the morning of your trip.

*Shellfish/crabbing permits are available separately for the following prices: $9.00 for Oregon Resident Annual permit, $17 for 3-day Out-of-State permit. NEW: Annual Youth (age 12-17) License $10 (Good for resident or non, fishing, shellfish, hunting).  Youth license MUST be bought prior to trip from a licensed dealer or online at ODFW.  Youth licenses are NOT sold at our office.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

You may cancel your reservation up to 7 days before your trip. If you made your reservation by phone, the $1 authorization charge that was taken at the time of booking is non-refundable, but you won’t be charged anything further. If you made your reservation online, your payment will be refunded except for the $2/person transaction fee. If you need to cancel with less than 7 days notice, your credit card will be charged for 50% of the total trip price. If you do not show up for your trip, or give less than 24 hrs notice, you will be responsible for the full amount. If you have reserved a whole boat, you must provide 30 days notice for any cancellations.

What time do we check in, and where do we go?

All check-ins are at our office on the corner of 7th st and Hwy 101 in Garibaldi. Check in times depend on time of year as well as type of fishing trip, so be sure to check your confirmation email for the check in time of your trip. Check in times for BOTTOM FISHING are as follows:

  • March-April 6:30
  • May-August 5:30
  • September-October 6:30
I have a health condition, can I participate?

Fishing on the Oregon Coast can be a great adventure, but requires general good health and fitness. Waters can be rough at times with the potential for repetitive jarring motions aboard the vessel. It is especially important that all participants be in good physical condition for our 12 hr Halibut and Tuna trips. If you have any of the following conditions (or any health condition not listed), please get permission from your physician before booking any trip:

  • Heart condition
  • Bad back
  • Recent surgery
  • Injuries to back, shoulder, hip, or knee
  • Conditions that limit mobility (including excessive weight)
  • Vertigo

We do not recommend participating if you are pregnant, but some exceptions can be made for Whale Watching on a calm day. Please check with your physician before making reservations.

It is up to you and your physician to determine your ability to participate. However, we do reserve the right to refuse service if we believe it could be unsafe or unwise for a particular person to participate in our tour.

What should I wear?

The weather is always cooler on the water, and this is Oregon – so it is best to be prepared! We recommend dressing in layers with a warm jacket, and bringing a hat and gloves just in case. Though not always necessary, you may want to bring waterproof jackets/pants and rain-boots if you have them.

Do I need to bring a lunch?

You are welcome to bring your own lunch and snacks. There is complimentary coffee onboard, but we recommend bringing bottled water and whatever else you would like to eat or drink. One local favorite for a Fishermen’s Lunch is Parkside Cafe – 503-322-0357.  Be sure to call with plenty of notice…

Can I bring a cooler?

Please feel free to bring coolers with your food and beverages on board. If you brought an empty cooler to take your fish home, you may leave it in your vehicle. There will be plenty of time to retrieve it before you pick up your filleted fish.

What is the limit?

Limits vary by species and can also change mid-season. The following limits are per person, and are current as of 1/1/18: Rockfish, 5.  Deep Drop Rockfish, 10.  Lingcod, 2.  Halibut, 1.  Salmon, 2.  Crab, 12.  Tuna, 25.

Are filleting and crab cooking included?

Yes! Bottom fish and Halibut will be offloaded and filleted at either the “Garibaldi Cannery” or “The Spot” and your crab will be cooked at no extra charge (filleting is NOT included for tuna, but is available for $7/fish – or $6/fish next day). Salmon will be gilled/gutted on the boat. Please keep in mind that wait time will vary (45min-1.5+hrs) depending on the boat’s catch as well as if any other boats unloaded their catch before yours.

Is alcohol allowed on the boat?

You are welcome to bring beer or wine, but no liquor please. For the comfort and safety of all guests, please limit alcohol consumption during the trip to a reasonable amount. Marijuana or illegal drugs are NOT ALLOWED at any time on our vessels.

Should I tip the crew?

If you enjoyed the trip and the service, tipping the deckhand is always appreciated! (15% is customary)

Should I take seasick medication?

If you think you are likely to get sick, you can take medication such as Dramamine or Bonine the night before the trip, and again in the morning at least 1 hr before your trip (follow dosing instructions on package). If you get carsick, you might want to consider taking this precaution. The most effective seasick medication seems to be “the patch” which is available by prescription only, so ask your doctor well in advance if you are interested in this option. The patch works best when put on the night before your trip.

What if our trip is cancelled due to weather or ocean conditions?

Our fishing trips are occasionally cancelled due to rough or unsafe sea conditions. We understand that some guests are travelling 8 hours or more to fish with us, and we apologize for any inconvenience – but our primary concern is the safety of our passengers and crew. While we will do our best to contact all passengers at least one day before a trip is cancelled, we cannot always know for certain until that morning. In the event that the ocean or bar conditions are deemed unsafe or too rough by the Captain, every effort will be made to accommodate guests on a different day or provide a full refund.

If the swell is too big to set out Crab Pots, do I get a partial refund?

No – We set out crab pots as an additional bonus to your trip when it is safe to do so. When the swell is over 6 ft, setting out and retrieving crab pots in shallow water can be dangerous. As we do not charge extra for crabbing, we do not offer any refunds if crabbing is cancelled for the day.

What are the age restrictions for kids?

We are happy to invite all kids 7 and older on our Light Tackle Bottom Fishing Trips. Kids age 7-11 do not need fishing or shellfish licenses, and they also enjoy a discounted rate for Light Tackle Bottom Fishing (click here for current rates). There is a new license available for kids age 12-17. It costs $10 and is an annual license covering fishing, shellfish, and hunting for residents or non-residents. Unfortunately, we are not able to carry these licenses at our office, and they must be purchased ahead of time from the ODFW online or from a licensed dealer. The nearest licensed dealers are in Tillamook and Wheeler. For all other trips, we take kids 14 and older. Please remember – Tuna and Halibut trips can be up to 12 hours – which can be a long time for a young person!

Do I need to bring a lifejacket for myself or my child?

We (as required by the Coast Guard) carry enough adult and child life jackets for everyone on board (children’s life jackets fit kids 40lbs and up). You are more than welcome to use ours, or you may bring your own. *Note – Our Coast Guard required children’s life jackets can be a bit bulky for kids while they are fishing, so your children may be more comfortable in their own lifejackets if they have one.

Is smoking permitted onboard?

Smoking is allowed outside only. As a courtesy to non-smoking guests, please smoke downwind or near the stern of the vessel while underway.

Can you accommodate wheelchairs?

Yes, one of our boats has especially easy access for disabled persons. Please ask for details when booking.